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Australian Standards

An extensive AUSTRALIAN STANDARD (AS3660 Protection of buildings from subterranean termites) deals with protecting homes from termite attack. This standard provides minimum guidelines for home owners, builders and pest controllers on termite control and protection. The Building Code of Australia which is administered by local government authorities, requires various measures be taken when your home is built.

Subterranean termites are by far the most destructive timber pest in the world, and are responsible for causing the greatest economic losses of timber in several parts of the world. Each year, the subterranean termite is accountable for causing more damage to homes and commercial properties than fires, storms, floods and earthquakes combines.

Termites have been around for more than 240 million years, can adapt to ever-changing environments and are known to destroy homes and building constructions within 3 months of entry.



365 Pest Control

Pre-Construction Termite Control

While planning on getting new construction work started, worrying about termites is only natural. Working with experts in termite pretreatment for new construction like 365 Pest Control can help builders sleep easy. We have all the latest know-how, equipment and skills to provide perfect protection from future damage that termite colonies have the power to inflict.

No wonder that all the builders and the would-be home owners have one of the most dreading pests to worry about: Termites. These are not new but the levels they can go to expand their colonies and destroy anything that comes in their way is certainly new to those planning for a newly constructed building, commercial or otherwise. Termites surely can make a lot of people anxious (more if they didn’t consider preconstruction anti termite treatment when they should and had to later deal with damaged furniture, property and everything in between).

Therefore, these are the times when builders and wise home owners not only need to work on all the details regarding the construction of commercial a and residential building structures, they need to get elaborate consultation on the available termite treatment options. Since the installation of preconstruction termite treatment executive framework is mandatory, it’s best to go about it in the initial phase of laying down the foundations to save on the costs involved in damage control of the property after the infestation.

With the advanced technologies in civil engineering field, there are methods and ways to eradicate the chances of termite causing a massive infestation on your property even before the structure comes into the existence.

Getting the anti-termite treatment in building construction done beforehand assists in containing the impact termites can inflict enough to not disrupt the mental sanctity of the builders and house owners.

Therefore pre-construction termite protection is the safest and most economical bet one can go for while making investment in constructing a building!

The one easy solution to termites

Preconstruction termite pest control installation is the need of the hour with the subterranean termites adapting to the ever-changing environment. Thus, now it’s not just a building standard to be in compliance with. It has become a necessity. Builders and new house makers who may and may not aware of this standard should be aware of the fact that they cannot take termite infestation lightly because once they start their barrage in, there’s no turning back and they will stop only when they have had their fill of cellulose in the form of paper, wood and fabrics. One of the most successful way to not let these enter in the commercial and residential spaces is to be preventive about the building structure.

The most successful preventive measure is getting termite treatment done before construction. Pre-construction anti-termite treatment services are easy and cost-effective to hire but only from quality pest control service providers like 365 Pest Control. Our experience and the past projects are a tell-tale of our perseverance to deliver quality every single time. We strive and aim to offer only the best in the industry. Our client satisfaction is the greatest reward we can achieve for years to come.

What is included in pre-construction anti-termite treatment of a building structure?

As the term indicates, the procedure is a combination of steps that are performed even before the construction of a building is underway to keep the white ant infestation (in the building once it gets completed) at bay.

The procedure are mostly performed on the soil to make its ecology toxic enough to create a barrier for the pests to make an attempt to enter the building. It basically attempts to make the soil inhospitable for the termites so that they choose to stay away from that building.

The barriers are created in 3 ways:

  • Physical Barrier
  • Chemical Treatments
  • Reticulation Systems

Our team of experts in preconstruction termite control solutions takes care of every nitty-gritty of the process in order to insure the perfection in the process for making the building termite-proof.

365 Pest Control Experts: TERM-SealTM Certified Installers of Pre-construction Termite Protection frameworks

The frameworks fulfills two important requirements managing pests and keeping them from burgeoning, infesting and entering the buildings to be constructed. These are:

  1. Water-proofing
  2. Preconstruction termite control

TERM-SealTM is a sort of a blockade created specifically to keep pests like termites out while the building is slowly coming into existence. The best part of getting this done is no costly retreatments. Once in place you need not worry about disrupting your home insurance in any way, particularly due to termites.

If the advantages of TERM-SealTM are to be listed, these would be as follows:

  • Standard AS3660.1-2014 compliant
  • Standard A.S./N.Z.S.4347.6 Damp-Coursing compliant
  • Highly effective
  • Cost-effective in long run
  • Double protection from moisture and termites
  • Environment-friendly
  • No recurring anti-termite treatment cost with one-time installation
  • Everything Australian, patent-protected
  • 50-year product warranty (almost the lifetime of a building)
  • Goes hand-in-hand with all kinds of construction methods

What more can a builders and home owners expect from an ideal pre-construction termite treatment!

Our company 365 Pest Control ensures delivering on everything promised with all the skills and resources at our end. Your satisfaction is our joy!

Why is it needed? (Benefits)

White ants or termites are small pests that live in colonies and ingest anything with cellulose in its constitution, which could be wood, clothes and paper. If they managed to stay hidden or neglected they can bring down mightiest of the structures. They commonly live in mud / soil and walk in mud tunnels searching for food (wood), making way in masonry works, conduits and brick walls.

Since the colonies are huge and can survive in unimaginable ways, being prepared beforehand is the best option available if giving in is not what you are thinking about.

Some of the most highlighted benefits of getting termite control during construction are:

  • Prevention is often rated the most cost effective way to handle damage inflicted by the pests.
  • It is the most effective way to prevent the invasion of the termites, particularly the subterranean ones.
  • Since the procedure involves treating the soil near the foundation, the solution is pretty long term unless of course there’s some masonry work conducted later. (In such a case you need to work on reinstating the anti-termite ecology near the new masonry work!)
  • Since the sites attended in this steps are inaccessible later once the construction is finished, the health of the residents and guests of the building is taken care of. The chemicals would target the termites and not the unintended beings.
  • The treatment procedure reduces the amount of repair work needed due to pests like termites once the construction is completed.
  • The investment is mostly one-time with a long term solution to persisting termite problem. The costs for the anti-termite treatment post construction also gets drastically reduced if you plan to implement that too.
  • The chances of dealing with termite issue gets decreased by a huge measure.

The procedure

Please do not consider it one of the DIY project that you might consider just as you have done for other pest control in your home. Only your trusted termite exterminating technician would be able to do a satisfying job, like ours, 365 Pest Control.

The procedure involves poisoning the soil around the building structure, which is done in several stages. The combination of those stages forms the solid work to not allow termites to enter in that building structures. They are following:

Site Preparation: The land on which the construction is to be done is prepared by removing any organic material that can house a colony of white ants / termites. Such pieces are removed from the land. If a termite infestation is located, chemicals known as termiticides are used to kill them then and there. This is done by drilling a hole in the raft and introducing the disinfectant chemicals’ solution through that hole, killing the infestation in the process. The solution is a combination of chemicals such as DDT, BHC, Aldrin, Heptachlor, Chlordane, and likes. Your Preconstruction anti-termite treatment consultant is in the best position to handle it.

Soil Treatment: The stage is now all set for the making of soil around the building inhospitable for the termites by using chemicals for treating soil. This is done in multiple steps.

First, making of pits, trenches and basement is taken care of, which later is treated with the approved chemicals. The bottom and vertical surfaces are treated with chemical mixture of suitable water to chemical ratio. Anything more or less can impact the efficiency of the procedure as a whole. Some of the points to consider before the process:

  • 24-hour of rain-free time before and after the treatment
  • Appropriate ratio of the chemicals to form the termiticide
  • Amount of chemical to be used per litre per square metre of the area

Next step is performed as the treatment of the soil used in plinth filling. Again the specifics are needed to be exact and that is all about the experience-led prerogative of your consultant for termite pre-treatment for new consultant.

The above step is followed by the treatment of soil near the junction of walls and floors, outer wall edges, around the pipes (fitted for water supply and drainage), and lastly the soil below the flooring. The work done under the building to ensure that termites do not find even a single way to enter the building is all a part of termite treatment for new construction.

The angle, the depth of the chemical absorption, the way the chemical is made to absorb in the soil in the various stages all are to be taken care of seriously and only under the expert supervision. Only a registered and licensed termite control expert should be hired to work with the architectural planner of your building. Only then you can be rest assured that you did what’s best in the available technology to prevent your property from being infested and damaged by the most dreaded of the pests.

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