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The problem of pests is quite annoying, and at times could affect you quite adversely as well. Hence looking for the right pest Control Company in Richmond is always very importantWe, at 365 Pest, take significant measures to ensure that we eliminate insects and other pests without harming the local natural fauna that is abundant in this area. We also keep the safety of the residents, the top priority-an approach that has earned us an excellent reputation.

Who is the Best in Pest control in Richmond?

Pests are a big nuisance here, all year round, and it is necessary to deal with them as soon as possible.

Both at residential houses and workspaces, a safe and healthy atmosphere is significant. We ensure that you have a safe and pest free residence or office so that you can work properly. Our client-friendly approach ensures that your issues are addressed at the earliest and resolved. 

Our Services Include:

  • Ant control
  • Rodent control
  • Termite control
  • Cockroach control
  • Bed bug control
  • Flies control
  • Carpet beetle control
  • Bed bug control
  • Flea control
  • Snake control

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We provide the best pest control services in Richmond. Our pest control experts are incredibly efficient and client-friendly and effectively eradicate pests from both homes and offices in a short time.

Our services earn the praise of our clients.

  • We use environment-friendly products to ensure the safety of the people around, especially kids. Also, in this way, we can give back to the environment. Thus, we not only carry out our tasks safely but at the same time, we carry out our duty towards this environment as well.
  • We have a quick response team that is client-oriented. It is easy to book an appointment, after which our experts will visit the area. So, if you are facing any pest-related problem, you’re just a call away from us. 
  • We value your time and work according to a schedule.
  • We use clean, calibrated equipment, and up-to-date technologies to provide the best services.
  • Our technicians and pest control experts in Richmond are qualified and highly experienced.
  • No pungent odor or harmful substance is left after our work is finished.
  • Our employees are well-reputed, and police checked.
  • We provide guaranteed results, and most of our clients come from positive feedback from others.
  • Our team of experts and professionals offer the best services and comprehensive support.
  • We aim for pest elimination so that you don’t have to worry about them every day. We are quick and get the work done at the fastest pace possible to avoid causing any inconvenience.

General information regarding pest control services:

  1. How the process of pest control works?

A pest management professional with experience in pest control in Richmond will know where to look for pests and what kind of pest to look for. They make recommendations accordingly. A professional will also know what to do to eliminate different types of pests. They have the necessary expertise to choose the proper pesticides for the process to be effective. One of the best pest control companies in Richmond to eliminate pests should use environment-friendly products that have been adequately tested and approved by authorities. We at 365 Pest use environment-friendly products and we also have highly trained certified professionals. 

Also, our proactive approach to pest elimination has been proven to yield better results when compared to other methods. This stops pests before they cause troubles as our professionals keep a sharp watch on any potential pest activity in the region and act on them.

Some Facts that You Should Be Aware Of

  • Not everyone has permission to apply pesticides. Only a licensed pest professional is the only person who can use pesticides.
  • Pests are very adaptive. Hence, precautions are taken to prevent them from entering your house. Thus, control measures are used both inside and outside your home.

An effective barrier is created around the perimeter of your house to stop pests from gaining entry. If by chance, they do, then the pesticides applied to your home keep them in check.

  • Kind of pests in any region also varies according to the season. Hence 365 pest control takes care of pests accordingly. Thus, results also vary according to the type of pest and treatment method used.
  • We have different pest control options based on your needs. Other than traditional pest control services, we also provide additional options like an application of non-chemical treatments like baits, exclusion, and sanitation.

What are Our Specializations?

It is worth mentioning that we are specialized in the field of herbal pest control. In today’s world, where pest control measures are mainly focused on harmful chemicals and pesticides that are very dangerous to everyone around and are primarily non-biodegradable, we use safe and organic pest control measures. Our green method has been appreciated and has won many accolades for its unique and innovative approach. While it is safe, it is important to note that it is also very efficient. It is organic and hence less harmful to the environment.

While our techniques are world-class and innovative, it does not cut a hole in your pocket. It is affordable and reasonable, and based on the kind of service you want. Thus we are the first choice for anyone who wants to control pests within a budget.

So are the pests in your area troubling you a lot? Well, if your answer is ‘yes,’ then you should not wait for more. Just give us a call and get rid of all the pests in your home and commercial space. Don’t worry about the safety of pest control because we are here to take care of everything and give you the better than the best services.






365 Pest Control Team, a highly equipped and certified Pest Control Company, has licensed individuals who have enough experience in the pest control Service industry. As a pest control professional, they would know where to look for the pest. They would make expert recommendations upon what it would take for preventing as well as eliminating the pests.

The results would vary as per the kind of pest, treatment methods, as well as commodities, used. In regards to using baits for rodents, ants, termites, the process takes longer as the pest has to ingest the merchandise for it to be useful as well.

365 Pest Control is a crucial Pest Control Company that provides a broader array of treatment options concerning the pests from ants to rodents along with the Green Guard program. The Green Guard Pest Control treatments have been performed using the latest items and techniques. It also gives importance to the environment, as well.

The products 365 Pest Control uses to eliminate pests have been extensively tested and are approved by authorities and are applied by highly-trained, certified professionals. We also can recommend non-chemical treatment options including baits, exclusion, and sanitation.

The Pest Control Green Guard Program has been designed in regards to stopping as well as eliminating the pests before getting inside your house. In case the pest control does gain access, there have been some effective pest control treatment methods that would certainly eliminate them.

A daily scheduled pest control would stop the pests before becoming a problem. Along with a preventive, as well as a pro-active approach towards managing the pests, could keep your house safe from potentially and annoying harmful pests. Such has been the value of having a regularly scheduled pest service.


We had a very good experience with 365 Pest Control Services. 365 pest Control did a very thorough job and was very responsive to any questions we had. We had treatment for spiders and rats, for a very reasonable price. Would highly recommend for those who are searching for best pest control provider.


Happy with the service given by 365 Pest Control yesterday. He was professional in his manner, easy to deal with and seemed very thorough. I was also very pleased with the phone quote give for an ant problem. I thought it was for inspection but when I discovered it was also for treatment I didn’t call anyone else. 


I have engaged different pest control companies over the past 25 years – big and small business.

I can confidently recommend 365 Pest Control to anyone looking for quality work and service. 365 Expert’s knowledge and experience are second to none.


I could not be more thrilled with 365 pest control! They responded so promptly to my desperate email in the middle of the night and came out within hours.
I had possums living in my garage door which was a difficult job, but nothing was too much trouble for Alan. He was so friendly and flexible and months later we haven’t heard a peep. We can finally sleep again!
Thank you, 365 Pest Control!


I called 365 Pest Control, and was grateful to be able to make an appointment for the next day. 365 pest control showed up on time, and was extremely thorough and informative with his assessment. I am very satisfied that our pest problem has been dealt with effectively and preventative measures have been put in place.

L Robertson

365 Pest Control did a thorough inspection of our roof space & house exterior before determining we have an issue with rats. He gave us a lot of information about our problem. And how we can go about removing them and keeping them out. Very happy with his service.

Julie Boie

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